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Cap vs. Tap?

Cap or Tap? – Bottled Water vs Tap Water

Tap water is not reliable, especially in developing countries, as a drinking water option. As a result, bottled water seems to be the choice for many people. In the United States, though, tap water is still seen as a safe way to access drinking water. Even though numerous regulations, screening procedures for various pollutants, and regular water information from city government offices available for tap water, people still choose to go for bottled water rather than tap water.

Bottled water consumption per person every year on an average is around 21 gallons in the United States; the figure especially includes businesses, which spend an incredible amount of money in acquiring a large amount of bottled water. The time and money spent by these businesses is surprising considering that they already pay a considerable amount of money on the tap water on their buildings.

There are several reasons to consider the installation of a water purifier – in order to purify tap water – rather than spend excessively on bottled water. The high costs associated with bottled water, the water purity offered by bottled water, and the huge amount of pollution that results from making the plastics that go into the bottles are some of those reasons.

whats in bottle waterWhat’s in a Bottled Water?

Even though bottled water is extremely popular in homes and workplaces, it does come with its own set of disadvantages. There is a constant need to purchase new bottles in order to access purified drinking water, and the cost of this habit is quite high.

Beverage Marketing Corporation estimates that the per gallon price of bottled water in 2013 was $1.21. It becomes a massive figure when considering that 1.32 billion gallons of the same was consumed by homes and offices in the United States only in 2014. It adds up to an incredible $1.6 billion of money spent only on bottled water in just one year. The costs would fall down to $3.96 million per year just by switching to normal tap water. It represents a huge savings which can be used on something better.

In terms of pollution, the manufacture of plastic bottles required for bottled water alone required 17 million barrels of oil. Even though these are recyclable plastic bottles, more than 80% ends up lost in a landfill.

Using Tap Water Provides Best Solution

The use of a tap water not only does away with the huge cost associated with bottled water, but it also eliminates pollution. If purity of the drinking water is the concern, it can easily be achieved by using a water filtration system. There are different types of water filtration systems:

Carbon Filtration – Carbon filters purify the water from chlorine, contaminants, and bad odor.

UV purification – The use of a UV lamp eliminates the bacteria and other contaminants quite comprehensively.

Firewall – Firewall improves on the UV purification method and provides up to 99.99% purity.

The Environmental Protection Agency’s study in 2009 revealed that tap water costs just $2 for 1000 gallons. It makes tap water more than 30,000% cheaper than bottled water. And with the latest purification systems are available, it would be possible for tap water to achieve the same or even better purity.

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