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Why Is Filtering Water Important

Why Is Filtering Water Important

Many still see regular tap water as a quick and clean source of fresh water, but appearances can be very deceptive. As the world struggles to deal with the amount of pollutants entering into the ecosystem, the harmless-looking regular tap water may in fact hide a huge source of dangerous substances. Water pollution is one of the serious threats worldwide with several avenues like agriculture run-off, industrial run-off, and even water treatment chemicals seriously degrading the quality of water and posing a major threat to all life forms.

filtering your waterLack of Proper Regulation

One may think that governing bodies like the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) may help regulate the amount of pollutants entering into water, but these regulations are either far too lenient or do not even have any regulations for more than half of the dangerous chemicals found in water bodies today. There is a commonly held belief that polluted water only affects an individual upon intake, but this may not be completely true. In fact, a person can suffer from water pollution even by just bathing. Pollutants can get absorbed through the skin into the bloodstream, thereby spreading quickly throughout the body.

Agricultural and Industrial Run-Offs Causing Significant Damage

Industries have been known to create a lot of air, water, and noise pollution, but agriculture also takes its place as an intense polluter. The extensive use of fertilizers has led to agricultural run-off pollution on a massive scale. Toxic algal bloom has been created as a result of the fertilizers, which act as a perfect feed once they are washed down from the farmlands.

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A Glimpse into the Problems through Wildlife

Wildlife are often the first to suffer as a result of pollution and it is no different in this case. The presence of large number of perfluorinated chemicals (PFCs) and perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) has led to signs of tumors and lesions in fish, earthworms, and birds. An example is Susquehanna River in Pennsylvania which is one of the popular locations to find the smallmouth bass, but they have been spotted with tumors and lesions due to the polluted water. Male smallmouth bass in the Potomac River have been showing signs of sex alteration as a result of hormone disruption. 

Importance of Filtration

The astronomical rise in water pollution means that one should employ a high quality water filtration system in order to remove the harmful substances. Considering the level of pollution, it is advisable to go for a two stage water filtration system – preferably one at the point of entry into the home and one at the point of use. The two stage filtration ensures that the water that you access is clean and pure; it is probably one of the best ways to ensure a healthy life.

Some of the best filtration systems come with a three step process, which can remove micro-sentiments, disinfection byproducts, fluoride, and chlorine from the water. They are likely to use a KDF water filter, micron sediment pre-filters, and carbon water filters in order to remove the sea of dangerous pollutants found in water today.


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